Cannot log on my cloud device

Hi, I used my cloud device before. Unhooked for few years and want to attach it and use. Cannot access the device after plug in power and lan cable.
Cannot see it in home network computer nor thru web. As i go to mycloud web, i forget my password. Click on “forget password” but no mails receive from my cloud. Can anyone help please.

What color is the front LED of the My Cloud? Is it blue or some other color?

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

If using Windows and one cannot access the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer; one should ensure SMB 1.0 is enabled. Microsoft disables that option in recent versions of Windows.

Also it might help to perform a 40 second reset which will set the various My Cloud Dashboard options back to their default values.

More support for your My Cloud device can be found at the WD Support center. This includes the My Cloud User Manual.