Cannot Delete, access, or move files on External

Okay so my big issue is that after having gone through a couple computers over the past few years and having my external HDD I’m trying to do some cleaning on the drive and whenever I try to delete some of the files it says that I cannot delete it because I do not have permission.

I’ve tried to give my computer permissions through the security tab like it told me to but it just won’t do anything! AND there are still files on there that I can’t even SEE let alone access them.

I’m very positive these files are there and I would like to start deleting things but I don’t know what to do, please help.

What OS are you using now? If it’s Windows 7 or Vista you may need to Take Ownership if you haven’t tried that.


Yeah I’m using Windows 7 right now. How do I take ownership?

See if this helps


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Thank you a whole lot! This helped big time!