Cannot connect wirelessly (possibly after firmware update)

My WDTV Live Plus worked perfectly up until today.  I did a firmware update yesterday, and today it stopped detecting wireless.  I use a Airlink101 AWLL5077 Golden Adaptor, which worked before.  When I try to connect to Netflix or Pandora it says I’m not connected to the internet.  I went to settings and don’t even see the usual “wireless” setting under Network Shares.  When I click “network settings” it says it’s unable to obtain an IP Address.  Everything listed under that setting - IP address, etc…all say “” (unsure if that’s the problem or why it happened)

I’ve tried:

unplugging & replugging the adaptor and Live Plus

rebooting Live Plus

tried the adaptor in my netbook (it worked)

rebooting PC & router

restored to default settings through the settings page & the button


Roll back your firmware

wow, yeah, that worked perfectly…thank you, i didn’t realize that was an option.