Cannot connect to my drive outside of home network - issue?

Is there an issue at WD end?

I can connect fine within my own network, but neither the iPhone app or web browser outside of this will connect. Usually fine and this has just appeared to be a problem this PM.

I have just rebooted the device and that has not fixed the issue - I didn’t expect it to as I can access it locally.

I assumed you see “Internet access” on the WD Dashboard->Settings->Network->Network Profile.

Did you see “Connected” and “Port forwarding connection established.” at General->Cloud Access?

Else toggle the Cloud Access->Remote Access off then on. Check your router’s info for the port forwarding status, each router may vary. If it still doesn’t help, switch the Remote Access off, reboot your router and when its up, switch it back to on…

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Thats great Nazar78, thanks for the advice on what to look out for. It has now come back on it’s own without me doing anything, I will keep an eye on it though.