Cannot access my MyBookLive since Win 10 upgrade

I’ve updated from Win7 to Win10 and now I cannot access my MyBookLive. I get the error:

Windows cannot access \MYBOOKLIVE\Public
Error code 0x80070035
The network path was not found

How can I get to my files? Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance


There are many reports of this and not many concise descriptions of the solution because we did a lot of fumbling to get it solved). The two important things I remember:

  • Make sure you have “network discovery” and “file and printer sharing” enabled. You will find that in the Network and Sharing Center".

  • Make sure you have “Make this PC discoverable” enabled. This is equivalent to using the “Private” network profile, and it is very well hidden within Windows.

  • Make sure you have “NetBIOS over TCP/IP” enabled. That’s pretty well hidden, too.

I advise you to do web searches for those last two settings. There are pretty good write-ups on them.

I’m willing to bet your problem is that “Make this PC discoverable”. I’m pretty sure Windows 10 starts out with having it disabled (but I could be wrong).

Thanks for your response. My PC is discoverable, but the file sharing option will not persist. I can change and save it, but when I open the Advanced Sharing Settings screen, it’s reverted. Any further suggestions?

Odd. There are a lot of hits on the web for sharing options not sticking, but I couldn’t see anything consistent in the suggested solutions. Perhaps you should ask on a Window 10 forum. I’ve found to be very helpful.

I know that switching routers will reset the network profile to “Public” and turn off sharing, but switching routers should be pretty rare … unless you have a wireless connection and multiple access points / routers you connect to. I’m not sure what Windows uses to determine you’ve connected to a new router. If are using DHCP and your DHCP server sets a very short lease time, getting a new IP addr might make Windows switch profiles.

If you are using a static IP addr, you have to manually turn on NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Not doing that would prevent discovery from working. And there are other undocumented (or very poorly documented) reasons Windows turns off NetBios over TCP/IP. (At least one person on this forum ran into one of them, but never discovered the cause.) If one of those conditions is intermittent it could randomly turn off discovery. Maybe you should manually turn on NetBIOS over TCP/IP rather than letting it default to “default”.