My book live share problem

I have a mybook live that no longer allows access to the shares after configuration.   The only modifications I have done to the unit is via the web interface.  I had modified the Device Name, Description, Time Zone, Energy Saver, ip address(to a manual assigned ip address). After this I had clicked the Secure your device button. After clicking the button all shares seemed to stop sharing to a windows machine. At that point in time I did a Quick Factory restore, this did not resolve the issue. After that I did a Full Factory restore, that also did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas how I can regain access to the shares?  I am running FW version 01.04.06.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Need more info.   What do you mean that Windows cannot access them anymore?  Are you getting an error message, authentication problems, can’t find the MBL?   

Windows 7 finds the mybook live in the network section of explorer (by discovery), but the shares are not accessable.  When I do the \mybooklive\public (or \\public) I get “Windows cqan not access \mybooklive\public error code: 0x8004005 Unspecified Error”.

What happens if you type this command at a CMD prompt:

ping mybooklive

device pings fine. 1 ms response.

Just seems to be share related