Cannot access My Book Live Content

I cannot access My Book Live 3Tb NAS. I upgraded my computer / new motherboard, new SSD for Win10 Operating system and loaded Windows 10 from scratch about 3 months ago. I am reusing main 1Tb HDD from old PC which had config of MBL and Smartware on it. I had been using the NAS MBL for autobackup of 1tb internal 7200rpm HDD and access to content from tablets.

I can see the MBL NAS from File explorer, but cannot access the drive or content on the drive. I cannot access the drive or configuration of the drive via https://mybooklive/ or the IP address of the MBL NAS. I verified IP address assignment of the MBL NAS via the router to which it is directly connected. Lights on the MBL NAS all look good. PC is Ethernet direct connected to the same router.

Please help. I don’t know the procedure to re-initialize to a new PC while maintaining existing content.

In the Windows Network and Sharing Center under “Change advanced sharing settings”,

  • Is “Private” set as the current profile?
  • Is “Turn on network discovery” set?
  • Is “Turn on file and printer sharing” set?

In the Windows Network and Sharing Center under “Change adapter settings”, when you click on your adapter and choose "Details:

  • Is “NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled” set to “Yes”?

These are all things that can be reset during installation of Windows 10.

Also, there could be a firewall issue.

I’m having the same issue, except I’ve purchased a new desktop with Windows 10 installed on it. The desktop doesn’t allow me to read/map the files to the new computer. All network discovery / file sharing is turned on.

Make sure the “Make this PC discoverable” setting is set. Also, make sure
“NetBIOS over TCP/IP” is enabled. Those are two things that can bite you in Win10.