Cannot access http://mybooklive.local

Hey guys haven’t had my drive over the net for a good year or more and finally got it online again. It was acting funny taking awhile to connect etc but finally got it to go wirelessly to all my devices. Now in between the chaos I was on mybooklive.local and used my password to access the drive but now it won’t connect. It is on my devices and I can access files but on my browser I cannot access it. I get a server not found message. Is there any way to get there another way? I need to access the admin controls again and make some changes but cannot get to it now… Any help?

Hi, check if you changed the name of the mybooklive to something else, in that case it should be http://“newname”.local. You should also be able to access the dashboard using the my book IP number (Example, If the problem continues, you can press the reset button on the back for 4 seconds (it wont delete your files :wink:.)