Can you please test some of your files and report back?


I want to know what happens when you use the chapters option. Do you get to choose what chapter you would like to go to? Do you get a list of the chapters you would like to jump to? What files do you get the chapters option to work on?

For me it only works on files that have a menu. For me it is bringing me back to the main menu. So is this really “chapter support” or is this “menu support”?



This is a WDTV Mini issue or you are dealing with another media player?


Yes I have the MINI. But I would like to hear from anyone what exactly happens when they try their chapter markers in the options. At this point I really would like to hear from anyone (MINI or other device). Can you try a few of your files for me? Please!


What’s the name of this website? WD what? Anybody?


I don’t have a MINI, but I do have an Elements Play which is supposedly using the same or similar firmware.    MKV chapters don’t work.


Looks like you are getting screwed too If your MKV files have chapters in them. Your player should support chapters according to your manual.

Can we get some other people to join in?


Wow. I’m not sure how to take the lack of response.