Chapter markers... Anyone have successful files?

If you do what kind of files are they? and out of what program are they from?

I will appreciate any advice. I am on a mac so I would really appreciate some advice from other mac’ers.

I have been trying to figure the best way to back-up my DVDs while considering drive space and preserving chapters.

I have .mov files with chapters from “MetadataHootenanny” that play fine in quicktime but  I am not getting any chapter options playing on my WDMINI.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi there!!!

As far as I know the chapters work better on the media player when the DVD is ripped as VOB rather than MOV… What if you try to see if it is a file extension issue?

I will try that tonight. Nobody out there has any other types of files with chapter markers in them?

From what I have read on the MINI it supports metadata. Does it support metadata only in .mp3’s? What about movie files? Does anyone know?

So I did try a bunch of different vob files. As far as I can tell I am not getting any chapter options from anything. Is anyone getting chapter options. Am I missing something? It is supposed to be at the top when you hit the option button on the remote, right? It’s always grayed out when I try.

You can’t just play “VOB FIles” and expect chapters to work.   You have to play the full DVD with menus and all, as Chapters are embedded in the DVD structure, not the individual VOBs.

Well then that  explains why the single vob files didn’t work for me. It occurred to me in my sleep that I don’t remember trying one of my full RIP DVDs. I will definitely try that later. Does anyone have any insight into why chapters in the MOV files aren’t showing up? I’d much rather have MOV files working but am still open to hear what works for others out there.

Can someone try a few of their files for me please? 

From what I have read some of the files that support chapters are DIVX,MKV,MP4,OGG,MOV,VOB, IFO

For some reason I can’t find any info on what files the MINI will play with chapter support.