WD TV Mini : 2 things: no sound with VOB and black menu-screen

Hi all.

Bought my WD TV Mini about 6 months ago. We use it a lot, aspecially for the kids.

All their movies are on a external HD with I connect with the mediaplayer and they can choose what to watch without me having to burn every movie to a disc. (especially while lots of movies only are watched once and the dvd can be thrown away).

So far so good.

There are only 2 things that bother me.

  1. Some VOB-files are played with only video and no sound. On the computer they play fine.

  2. We have some VOB (kidstime-dvd’s) with 4 films per dvd. It should start with a menu showing the 4 movies and let’s you choose from them.  In stead we get a black screen with the background sound. But no way to select what movie to see. I therefor have to manually check evert vob file and forward to the one they want to see.

All the movies are in a video_ts folder.

Does anyone recognize these issues?


1> Note that the EP doesn’t support DTS, so if your VOBs have DTS soundtrack, they may not work.

2> What firmware are you using?