Frustrated by the WD TV Mini - .avi or .mov or .mpg?

It doesn’t look like there’s any firmware update, though I’ve had no reply from support so can’t confirm that.

I just want to play films / home video through the TV mini. How hard can that be?

It doesn’t want to play the .avi files I’d created already. OK fair enough, I have to reencode them, but how?

I’ve used Adobe Premiere Elements to produce .avi files encoded with divx, but the quality is poor. I’ve used WM Converter to produce .mpg files but the quality is worse. I’ve used Premiere to produce .mov files, but the audio is out of synch and the file sizes are huge.

Someone give me a clue. What’s the best option here? Any suggestions before I return this to Amazon?

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No firmware update is present. It is not able to play .MKV. And no dutch undertitles are available. Wish I had bought the HD version…

I can’t actually see the point in this product. Sure, cut down on some hardware to make it cheaper, but cutting down on the compatible file formats???

I don’t get it - they’re not adding features to a product and charging a bit more for them. It seems they’re taking a good product (the WD TV LIve), deliberately making it crappier and charging a bit less.

I’ll be returning this I think. 

I am returning mine but not for another WD product . … this lack of basic compatibility is a joke

I couldn’t believe no .AVI support. Come on WD, What were you thinking when you didn’t include .AVI support, and why isn’t .AVI support in a Firmware update ??

i have uploaded sample videos that i have successfully encoded here

I prefer use the porgram VidLogo, to me has very much helps.