Can WD TV HD MINI play a VIDEO_TS folder?

I have ripped some of my dvd movies to a hard disk and the result is a VIDEO_TS folder. Can WD TV HD MINI play this folder? There are .VOB files, .IFO and .BUP files also in the folder. Can this media player play this as a continuous movie? I have read the brief manual but cannot find an answer there. It is stated that it can read .VOB files but can it determine in what order? (I think .IFO and .BUP files state the order)

Just for clarification, the Mini is not an HD player. 

The unit should play .VOB files with our issue and I believe that it also has DVD nav.  if you navigate to the Video_TS folder and press the Play (not enter) button does it not play?

Also remember that you will need to make sure that the format of the video file is correct.  You can check this against the appendix of the user manual.

Yes, it can without problems. It was very hard to get this confirmed before I bought one. The selling companies in Sweden could not answer but Dustin sold me one and said I could return it if it did not work as expected. Good work Dustin!

The manual is very short and cryptic and do not clearly state this. There it is stated that VOB files are supported but this does not necessarily mean that they easily can be played in the right order. This machine can do that which is a major advantage and should be clearly stated.

I tried to ask WD support about this before I bought the unit but I have seldom seen such a lousy webpage for asking questions to the makers. Very complicated and without relevant options. Scrap it and find competent people who can make an option for prospective customers to ask relevant questions.

The  WD TV HD MINI can play VIDEO_TS folders but I am not sure about other WD models. Since this model is only about $30 in Sweden it is the without competition the cheapest media player on the Swedish market now. A bargain!

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I am exactly in the same position, I have backed up my own DVD’s on my hard drive in their original state VIDEO_TS folders and do not want to convert the files, I have been trawling the internet to see if the WD HD Media player plays VIDEO_TS with no luck.

Yours is the first post that confirms the WD TV HD MINI can play VIDEO_TS, I hope the WD HD Media player can do the same. If you have any experience please reply.

I have this mini player ,it plays VOB files but there is always AUDIO VIDEO DESYNC especially after you press the pause button and then resume playing ,i have recorded my movies with a dvd recorder connected to my VCR ,it plays very fine on the DVD player and on my PC but on the MINI NOOOO ,u will suffer from the AUDIO VIDEO DESYNC problem in almost all the video formats even the RMVBs especially after updating the firmware from version 1.00.37 to the current version 1.00.60.