Interface on the WD TV Mini is MUCH better than the interface on the WD TV HD, but BOTH are LACKING!

I originally purchased the WD TV Mini, but had to return it because it does not support MP4 (H.264/AVC) files.

Now I have the WD TV HD Media Player, which WILL play the MP4 (H.264/AVC) files, but the interface is AWFUL compared to the Mini! No thumbnails or anything!

BOTH interfaces are missing the ability to show folders and subfolders!  While I have all of my THOUSANDS of TV shows and movies neatly organized into folders, and subfolders for TV seasons, all the video files just show up together in the same place with no directories or subdirectories on the WD TV Media Players.  It takes FOREVER to scan through all the files.  What gives WD?  Try playing with the Sony PS3 sometime to see how you SHOULD have designed your interface, with the ability to display folders, subfolders and so on.

PLEASE FIX THIS as soon as you can and send us a FIRMWARE update!  I cannot recommend this product to anyone until you do.

No thumbnails and no folders/subfolders?

Say, what?

Perhaps another read through the manual is in order.

Okay, sorry for the premature evaluation on the first day of ownership!  Day 2: Figured out how to display folders, and fiugured out how to add thumbnails.  (Still though, the mini does have a better interface that automatically creates mini thumbnails from video stills, and has a file list that includes thumbnails and file names together.)

Now my only complaints are audio video syncing, and subtitles not clearing themselves. I am running the latest firmware.  When I am watching a movie, then go to Home, and then resume the film, the Audio and Video are very off-sync.  Surprisingly, pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding do nothing to correct the sync.  The only thing I could do to re-sync was restart the video from the beginning.  Subtitles do not clear themselves.  They remain on the screen until the next subtitle change is made.

Also, was very disappointed to discover that the WD HD Media Player does not support Motion jpgs (HD 720) from my camera.