Cannot playback at Video Folder List Level

I bought two WD TV HD Media Player devices.  The problem that I have with one of them is that I cannot press playback on the folder video ( in Video Folder List ).  In other word, it appears a red stop icon at  right top that indicates the action cannot be performed.  The other box is okay and it will continuously play all of files in that folder.  

The model is WD00AVN, so I guess this is the first generation device.  I use the same external hard drive (WD brand) for this testing.  I have checked all the settings and firmware and they’re all the same.  Do you have any idea why I cannot play video at folder list level rather than to play each individual file inside the folder?

Your help is really appreciated. 


Today I have checked and compared my two WD TV HD Player devices with my brothers (which was purchased 3 weeks earlier than mine).  His box’s firmware is 1.01.70.  My two boxes have the same firmware version at 1.01.02.  I insisted to upgrade to the lastest firmware version 1.03.01 because there are many other issues and complaints.

Anyway, I upgraded one of the box to latest version 1.03.01 and the problem still persists.  I copied two .vob files from DVD movie to a folder on the USB Flash Drive.  Those files’ name are VTS_01_1.VOB and VTS_01_2.VOB inside the folder named, TEST.  In theory, I should be able to press playback on the folder TEST and it should be playing these files one after another without a glitch.  But somehow, it always stop at the first one and exits to the folder list menu.

My brothers’ box never has this problem and his firmware is older than mine. One of the big concern when upgraded to latest firmware is … “no return” to the old firmware version, plus I cann’t find the 1.01.70 anyware on the net.

Anyone has the same problem?

I am able to downgrade to old firmware versions:






… and the problem still persists.  Any idea WD users?

I have a similar problem with music in folders. I am pretty organized and keep all albums by a band in their own folders. The main folder will be the bands name and the folders within will have each individual album. Right now if I click on the first folder for example it just plays that one and won’t automatically go to the next one. I tried every combination of playback settings but it won’t do a continuous play. I have to go to the remote every time to jump to the next folder which is as good as having a single CD player. I could come up with a mega playlist but what I want to listen to changes every day. With all the features of this player its ridiculous that WD couldn’t make this work this way.

I have over 3000 CD’s ripped, imagine the pain it is to select one at a time.

BTW, where did you find older firmware? I would like to revert back from the current version due to a different problem I’m having.   

The original firmware came with the box was 1.01.02 and it was able to play .vob files. Now after upgrade/downgrade firmware it really screwed up my box. I put it back to 1.01.02 and it can’t play .vob files anymore.  I guess I have to upgrade to the latest one which is 1.03.01

If you are interested in download in the old firmware, here is the archive link from forum:

Let me know if your issue has been resolved. I sent e-mail to support and still haven’t heard anything back from them yet.