3 problems with WD TV HD

I Just tested my new WD HD TV with the latest firmware and have found 3 serious problems:

1: The video auto play function doesn’t work at all, even with 3 different video file types that play normally well

2: It doesn’t play a VIDEO_TS folder with the DVD functionality, the WD TV mini does that very well !

3: The OSD (on screen display) cannot be turned off (visible first 5 seconds).

I do need all these futures for a video installation (ART) with 14 video channels.

The WD TV mini doesn’t have these problems, the only problem with the mini is that the SD video output is not full D1 size (720x576).

Any reaction from anyone who knows what I’m talking about is welcome!

OEPS! excuse me, the AUTOPLAY problem is solved after reading the web manual well; only the USB1 connection is functionall for autoplay.

the other 2 problems are still urgent for me : WD TV HD plays no VIDEO_TS,

it does play .ISO files made from a VIDEO_TS, but in the loop it still leaves a black gap and displays the audio information on screen.


Hi there, i noticed the same problem myself! In did it is annoying not to be able to play VIDEO_TS (DVD format VOB files) in the proper mode, would be nice to be able to play them as an ordinary DVD player! I think this is an easy fix for WD team, would be nice if they include this fix in the next firmware update.

                  thanks in advance for WD team, they did an excelent job with this TV Box, let’s hope they will not dissapont us in the future! :slight_smile: Keep up the great work guys! thanks for reading this! :slight_smile:

 …by the way… i forgot to notice, it is a WDTV 1st generation… :slight_smile:

just make the video_ts to an iso via imgburn.


Ik heb het zelfde probleem,ben er al 5 weken mee bezig…nog niet opgelost!

2e probleem is: afdraaien van een concept cd stopt de weergave na

ieder nummertje ongeveer 2 seconden…een concept cd zoals

live cd behoord niet te stoppen…wie weet de oplossing.

gr Henk

Have made an *.iso with Image burner from video_ts and still i see the black screen on my hd media player… Can anyone help me ? :mansad: 

I think you need to make sure your iso has the same directory structure as the original DVD. Also, there are issues with the WDTV Gen1 and iso/vobs that are less than ~30 minutes in length. This 2nd problem does not show up with the Gen2. I would think they’d use the same code for this area but obviously not…

I have the WDTV Gen1 and it sometimes plays the same *.iso or *.vob. But sometimes not… Is there any help ? :slight_smile: