Can WD HD TV play .wmv files from BBC iPlayer?

I have a Gen 1 player with the latest firmware; when I download  a programme via BBC iPlayer and then open it in Windows Media Player to free up the DRM, and then try to play it via a USB stick in the media player, I get a message that the file format is unsupported.

Yet the specification for the Media Player includes WMV. What’s wrong; do I have to convert the file and if so, with what?

First time here.

Think you will find that windows media player gets usage rights before it will play iplayer downloads.

Therefore would be suprised if you can play it back in WD.

Just try playing same file in laptop like i tried, it don’t work.


 All .wmv files that I have do not play , all get same message ; not supported…

 all (almost) .avi files work well  , got one that plays well on PC , but pixellization on WD HD player

 .mpg files play , but if you use the fast forward function , it always, ALWAYS takes back to the beginning of track

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All the files downloaded to your computer from iPlayer have DRM so will not play on the WD TV.

It would be really nice to be able to play these files, even if streamed from the PC where the files are downloaded to by iPlayer. Is that so hard? Can someone explain the problem?