Wmv! please can you guys sort this out!

Hi All,

Just purchased the WD HD media Player Generation II.

In all fairness it’s a fantastic little device which now allows me to watch almost all video formats on the tv. However unfortunately for me, quite a lot of my video files are in the shape of WMV

I know the device supports WMV9 which works well on some of the files but 80% of the file encoded in WMV are not working!! What the hell is going on ???

So please can you guys in the support devision of Western Digital please release an update that includes these other files.


Darren Andrews


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I will like to share this problem and be part of this post since I believe there are many like us that have the same problem. Can the firmware be updated to accept wmv’s

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i would also like wmv support for the gen 2 or if someone knows a work around for converting wmv files quickly that would also be appreciated. i found a quick work around for mp4’s here    http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-HD/Remuxing-files-to-fix-the-audio-sync-problem/m-p/18086   anyone know of a quick program that can convert wmv’s and still retain the quality? 

Me too, loads of WMV files that don’t play.  Is there a reason that this format is not supported??

Same reason LOTS of formats are not supported…  They had to choose what they were going to devote time and resources to…

You can use Handbrake to convert WMVs to MKVs.  As always, I recommend using a “Nightly Build” since they haven’t released a new “Final” since 0.9.4, which was fairly limited.