Can;t find network share

Hi, I am pulling my hair out, I have a 2 year old wdtv live hub, had it all hooked up before on a laptop no problems (some freezing now and then but nothing terrible) I have a different laptop now running windows 7.  My settings as per lots of discussions on here are network discovery on, file and printing on, public folders off, media streaming off, 128 encryptions on, password off, use user accounts.

I have shared the folders (not the root drives) to everyone.

My internet is provided by cable into a router, (was cisco dpc 3825 but I changed that as was told that was the problem) my current router is a Hitron Technologies CGN2 ROG.

After changing the router I can now see my laptop in the media server but it does not detect it through network share.

I have rolled back the software, I have updated my windows software which is what the wdtv helpline person suggested.

I am out of idea’s.  Any tips or help would be great…


See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps: