Can I save camera .ORF files from Olympus cameras to MyCloud

I am a keen amateur photographer who wants to store around 200Gb of digital photo files on personal cloud storage. I am actively considering the MyCloud but want to know whether I can save my camera RAW files, which are .ORF for Olympus and .CR2 for Canon.
I have read the user manual and these formats are not listed but I wont need to view the files, just save them. Grateful for any advice. Thanks, Ben.

The My Cloud should handle any file type. It is just a storage device.


Yes, the files can be stored, but likely not viewed from device using My Cloud app. You would need to copy files from device onto your computer and view with proper program.

Thanks for quick replies. Thats helpful.

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To be perfectly honest, if all you want to do is store images, and don’t need the remote access, or an always-on media server or network file server, just buy either an internal SATA HDD, or an external USB HDD.

What facilities of the MyCloud attracted you?

No need to copy to the computer. Just mount the My Cloud to the PC.


My error, right; the OP does not need to copy files from My Cloud to a computer. I presumed the OP was asking about the WD My Passport Wireless (MPW) since most questions from photographers here relate to that device, since it has an SD slot for unloading camera photos to the MPW.

I agree, OP does not need a My Cloud for storage of photo files. He just needs a plain vanilla HD for file storage.

Although, being a photographer, he might have some good use for a MPW portable drive and ought to look into it…

Yes you can save any type of file to the My Cloud. Where the file type matters is if using the built in Twonky Media Server or using one of the WD apps/software to view media files.

It is important to understand that the My Cloud is a Network Attached Storage device. It is NOT an external USB hard drive. It connects to your local network and is accessible to any device on the network that is capable of accessing it. The My Cloud also can be accessed remotely using both the WD apps/software and the web portal.

The issue becomes how to transfer the pictures from the camera to the My Cloud. If your camera has WiFi capability then its possible, if the camera supports FTP, to use FTP to upload photos direct from the camera to the My Cloud over the local network bypassing the need to use a computer to copy the files from the camera to the My Cloud. Otherwise one would connect the camera or its memory card to the computer and initiate the copy of the files using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. There are various other methods of transfering files or syncing files from a computer to the My Cloud but Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder are what most users recommend here.