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thanks fo WD for this great product.

i need to save captured photo to MyCloud direct without saving to my phone internal memory. is there any solution for that on android or IOS?

its very important for me. please give help guys.

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is there any help guys? ideas ?
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Before worrying about whether the MyCloud can do this, I’d start by checking to see if your phone even supports it.

i have nexus 5x running Android N, i think its support what you think ?

Does it? What camera app on your Nexus 5x Android phone supports saving directly to a remote location without first saving to the camera’s internal memory? Because that is what you need. A camera app that supports bypassing the internal phone memory to save to the My Cloud.

This also bring up the next question. To do what you seek (save direct to the My Cloud) will you be in a remote location that is not connected to the same local network as the My Cloud? If so then chances are slim there is a way to do what you seek due to how one typically and generally accesses the My Cloud remotely.

If you just have the pictures saved to your phone’s internal memory then you can use either the WD My Cloud app for Android or the WD Photos app for Android to backup the phone’s pictures to the My Cloud (both remotely and while connected to the same local network as the My Cloud). See the Google Store from your phone for the two WD apps. To use the WD apps remotely you will have to setup users and other information via the My Cloud Dashboard. Also see the WD My Cloud Learning Center Using Mobile Apps for more information:

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all settings needed to access Mycloud has been done and iam connecting remotely through my android device using Mycloud app and WD Photos and i uploaded my files and no any issue or problem facing regarding upload and backup my files.
what i need here is the feature to save newly capturing photos to Myclod without saving a copy of the photo in phone local storage. default camera app which i use in Nexus 5x not supporting that, i need to suggest me an application could do that or settings give me that or an idea accordingly.

thank you again

All I can suggest is start doing a lot of internet searching or digging through the Google Play Store looking at apps.

I’ve never heard of a camera app for android that doesn’t save the picture to the local phone (or drive connected to the phone). Not to say there isn’t one, just never seen or heard of a camera app that does it.

My question is why do you want to bypass storing the image on the camera? You could simply delete the pictures on the phone after the WD app backs them up to the My Cloud. It is one extra step. As I explained above the major problem with a camera phone app when one is trying to connect to the My Cloud remotely is the fact that remote access to the My Cloud is officially almost exclusively limited to FTP or using the WD apps/web portal.

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yes i think it supposedly should be an option in WD Camera app for user to select. one application on google play have that for there own cloud service name Camra check it if you can.
its a useful option my friend so you will be sure always that your limited storage in the phone is clean and as you aware the files when deleted from the internal memory in normal way it has a big chance to be restored in case you lost your device or sold it. for more privacy security its better to be saved to My cloud only. (my opinion)

thanks again

@JAMAL_ALLOH - Have you had a look at the My Passport Wireless Pro? It might be another potential solution for you if you need to take photos anywhere internet access is not available. I think it might have actually been designed with your use case in mind (based on my personal interpretation of the marketing materials).