Raw see and edit

Can you edit raw files directly in my cloud?
On the other hand how can I visualize images without having to download them?

What device and operating system are you using? Is it Windows, Apple, Linux etc?

How are you accessing the My Cloud? Locally on the local network or remotely?

Generally if accessing a My Cloud remotely one would have to download the file to edit/modify that file. If accessing the My Cloud on the same local network it is typically up to the software used to edit/view the raw file to access the NAS/My Cloud to edit/modify the raw file.

For local network access it helps to “map” the My Cloud for easier access. One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access a local My Cloud device. No need to use WD software or MyCloud.com web portal for local network My Cloud file access.



I think you have just answered your own question…

hello how are you, use an imac

I access through the local network however I can not view files in raw format (canon cr2). Do you recommend any program to view photos? work in an imac

in what sense?

Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

You may want to look at this too. http://www.cr2converter.com/

Doesn’t Canon offer a Mac program to view the “raw” file taken by what I assume was a Canon camera?

The problem you are having is you need a Mac application to open the file on the My Cloud. This isn’t a My Cloud problem. The My Cloud is a network attached storage device that, outside of the DLNA media server embedded within the My Cloud, relies on the computer to have an appropriate program to open files stored on the My Cloud.

I have not read the manual. the cr2 converter is useful however I need to be able to see the cr2 files from imac in the cloud or look for a way for my cloud to work as a slave external disk in order to see and edit these files. please help :slight_smile:

Well, it’s time you did, then…

…because the manual will tell you how to do that: ‘map a share as a network drive’.

Have you looked at the links posted above on how to map a My Cloud on the local network? That will link the My Cloud to your Mac (or Windows) computer similar to attaching an external USB hard drive to your computer.

If you are attempting to access a My Cloud device located on a remote network then you are officially limited to using the MyCloud.com web portal, the WD My Cloud Desktop program, the WD My Cloud mobile apps, or the insecure FTP option.

All of this is generally explained in the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904).