Can content scan be enabled or disabled per share?

Is it more efficient for Media to be placed in another share?

If so can I put all of my other files (source code, executables, iso files, etc) into another share and disable content scanning on it?

Simply put… Can I disable content scanning on a share, while the other shares allow content scanning? If so, how?

depends on what you mean by content scan. For the DLNA serving function you can disable or enable media serving per share

there are background photo scanning / thumbnail process that are not per share and can only be disable by going in with SSH

For the media share I created with only photos and videos; I do want DLNA serving and Media Serving.

However for the other shares I do not want this… I have ssh access; how do I disable?

the DLNA is controlled in the UI share section with the media serving, on for DLNA or off to not have it

the other scaning is not per share

Surely there must be a configuration file I can edit to tell these services to ignore a particular share or folder.  This way I don’t have to turn them off entirely.

I found this file… 


it contains.  





exclude=(/.|.access_conf/*|wdmc.db|wdmc.db-journal|.wdmc/*|.sparsebundle|/found.[0-9]+|/~$|/AlbumArt_{|/thumbs.db|/desktop.ini|/SmartWare$|/Recycled|/RECYCLER|/RECYCLED|/$RECYCLE.BIN|/System Volume Information|/_WDPROT|/Nas_Prog|/lost+found)


It seems to have exclude instructions.  Could I just put all of my files I don’t want scanned into a folder called _WDPROT or Nas_Prog ?

So I put all of my files in a single folder called Nas_Prog; and now it wont scan those folders.  It scans my pictures and videos now very fast; since those folders are not in the Nas_Prog folder.