How do I stop My Cloud from indexing and creating thumbnails of private folders from USB drive?

The general problem:

I have non-public folders that have images and videos in them. When I access My cloud with my Roku (using Dlna, I assume) the entire directory of the private folder (on the external usb drive) as well as thumbnail images of the files are visable to the Roku that only has public access.

-The files can not be accessed and actually played. However, what can be seen and read is suppose to be private.-

DLNA does not support security. any media files on a share with media serving enabled are supposed to be playable

keep private info on shares without media serving enabled

As stated in the title of the question, it is a private folder; it is not public. Media serving is turned off and public access is also turned off. The only user that has access of any sort to the affected share is myself.

I don’t expect the DLNA server to provide any security. I expect the NAS to do that.

Thank you for your reply.

since the roku is seeing it media serving is enabled on the share and private or public does not matter.

if media serving is set to off it is possiable somthing is out of sync, I have not seen this with media serving but have in other areas. try enableing media serving for the share, test this. then disable media serving again and test again

There is a way to exclude some folders from being scanned by the WDMC process. However the process involves modifying some config files for wdmc and inturn voids warranty!!!

Only to be done if you are comfortable and have some linux knowledge.

Via ssh, look in this file: /usr/local/wdmcserver/bin/wdmc.xml

There you will find a section called “”. In there, you can specify which folders to exclude from the scan.

/\. /\*/found\.[0-9]+ /\*/\~\$ /\*/AlbumArt\_\{ /\*/thumbs.db /\*/desktop.ini /\*/SmartWare/ \.sparsebundle /\*/Recycled/\* /\*/RECYCLER/\* /\*/RECYCLED/\* /\*/\$RECYCLE\.BIN/\* /\*/System Volume Information/\*


Once you have excluded the folders, delete the hidden “.wdmc” folder that contains the thumbnails in each respective provate folder. After that either restart the wdmc process or reboot the wd cloud drive.

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