Shares & Media Sering

Public Share default is Media Serving ON.

I use WD TV Live Streaming, DLNA Media Server is OFF, iTunes also OFF.

So should I leave Media Server ON or turn it OFF. If off will that reduce the time My Cloud spends scanning?


The media serving option is linked to the DLNA and iTunes server “scope”. You can turn it off since you don’t use DLNA or iTunes. It looks like WD TV Live can see your files anyway on the shares, without needing a DLNA server…

If you turn if off, you will gain a bit of performance, with less content scanning. Another way to reduce media scanning for serving is to change the scanning frequency in the Twonky server, but these settings are not very resilient and then tend to go back to their default with simple NAS operations (reboot, share change, etc.).

I think the big CPU eater is the thumbnailing and indexiing process done for the picture serving on WD Photos. To turn this off, look on this forum for how to issue SSH commands and stop the services.

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