Can anyone clarify what will happen with a power loss when connected via USB to my APC BE 550G?

Just set up my My Cloud EX2 Ultra and connected it via USB to my APC BE 550G (listed as a compatible UPS by WD).

Will the My Cloud unit automatically initiate a shutdown sequence if the UPS loses power from the home and switches to battery power? I want to make sure I have it set up right and I don’t want to test it by just pulling the plug on the UPS. I couldn’t find any settings in the My Cloud settings (besides seeing what USB devices were connected (it sees the UPS)) and the APC software is quite limited.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi, I believe that when the UPS batteries are low it will send a signal to the EX 2 in order for the drive to shutdown, however I do not own a EX 2 ultra. I im talking about the way some UPS’s work on a Windows server environment. Hopefully another user will be able to provide some information.

Our power went out today, and the UPS kicked in and kept my WD NAS running just fine. I have a very minimal UPS for just the NAS for short power outages, and it can keep it running for 10-15 minutes. I am often home, and can properly turn off the NAS after five minutes or so when it appears the power is not coming right back on; and I did so today. I have never tested it in this condition to see how long it will stay on until the batteries give out.

I hope lluna is correct. but I imagine the NAS would just turn off once all power is gone. I would also think that how it shuts off is more dependent on the particular NAS and not the UPS.

There is one good way to find out, and that is to pull the plug on the UPS and wait until batteries give out and the NAS shuts down, and see how it goes. When I first connected the NAS, I did pull the plug on the UPS to see that it indeed keep the NAS running, but I also plugged the UPS back in before a minute was up. So, I never ever tested until the batteries gave out. I figured it would happen on its own sooner or later! So far, after a year and a half, no real world test of this has yet to come along.

If you do test this out fully, please report back in this thread.

I actually have a UPS to handle those momentary power blips of a second or less. Many devices cannot handle those kind of things, and a UPS eliminates problems from little pesky power blips which can wreak havoc on some gear.