Can access network shares, browse folders, see my media files, but not play

I’m passed the login/bad username or password problem with my shares. Also i have shared my folders to *everyone* and as i can see them and their content on my WDTVLIVE i would have thought that was in order too. However, when i pres PLAY to any of my (video) media files (avi, mpg, mkv etc), the highlighted file just blinks once and nothing happens.

Any suggestions?



arggg… studpid me, i was trying to play from the file management section,. sorry…

Hi how did you get past password i cannot,as dont know what password it means,pc router god knows

You’ve to use an username and a password of a user that was granted access to that share


What i did was …

  • created dedicated user/password on my PC (i.e. network share) - it’s important that the user have a none blank password

  • on the WDTVLIVE, system setting, Automatic Logon to network shares=ON.

  • on the WDTVLIVE, network setting, enter the username and password created on your PC

IMPORTANT-IMPORTANT-IMPORTANT: if you on your PC in Control Panel / Programs & features (windows 7)  have something called Windows Live id Sign-In Assistance (can’t remember the exact name, but you’ll recognize it) … UNINSTALL IT. I struggled for two full days with the login issue before i saw another thread suggesting that this should be uninstalled, and afterwards it worked

After the first successful login you are never prompted for username/password again.

Let me know if you can make it work.



l have the same problem l try what you sead but don’t work can you help me ?


I can try … tell me abit more about what your setup is (pc, nas, wireless, cables etc) and what  exactly you do when you try to connect to your file share.


Thank you for reply

l have win 7 ultra  l connect my cables from my laptop to WD TV Live directory  l can open my Media servers and play my video l don’t have problem there  but Network Shares can’t access it so what l do ?

If i have understod you correctly you have connected your laptop to the WDTVLIVE using a network cable? In that setup your labtop IS your network share. More traditional setup would me to connect all your devices (WDTVLIVE, laptop, nas, PC’s) individualy to a router and thus creating a private LAN. In that setup your laptop, nas and other PCs would be your network shares. Any USB FLASH pens, USB harddisk etc connected directly to the WDTVLIVE is your local drives.

Tell me more …


thank you for your reply

l tell you l don’t have router now l will buy it later and l have USB connected directly PC that all