Can access files using App (Andriod & iOS) but not

Hi All,

I am unable to connect to my MyBookLive HDD via the website. I am able to see my file perfectly via the mobile apps on both Andriod (Tablet and Phone) & iOS (iPhone 6 & iPad Air) but the website keeps throwing out an error.

The errors shows the device as offline, which it obviously isnt as i can connect via the Apps and states I should update the firmware. The dashboard tells me the firmware is up to date.

The final item on the error screen says that I should accept the devices security certificate, clicking that link doesnt help at all.

Anyone else had the same issue and been able to fix it?


Just to add - I have picked up the certificate and added the exception - but when i reload, I just end up with the same message.

I have tried a few browsers but still no luck

Thanks again

Which Operating System do you use in your computer? Which Internet Browsers have you tried so far?

Hi, I am also experiencing the same issue as ‘jonotaylor’.

I have tried using various web browsers on both MAC and Windows operating systems, when logged into the MyCloud website is shown my ‘MyBookLive’ as offline. I can access it fine using the app on my iPhone. The MyCloud app for MAC also reports that it cannot find the MyBookLive on the network even though all my other programs can find it easily. I also tried the option of signing in to the MyCloud app on my MAC but is says I do not have a registered MyCloud account, even though I do.

Currently the only two ways of accessing my files are by manually mapping the MyBookLive as a drive share on my file system and the other is through the IOS app.

Chrome , IE, Edge (Although says its not supported), Opera, Firefox, Safari and the native browser on my HTC phone.

I’m currently using Windows 10 , but have tried on Windows 7, my Android phone and tablet and through iOS. I do have a Linux live distro lying around somewhere I could boot up but i’m kind of at the point where I guess it wouldn’t help.

Maybe it would be easier to go down the FTP router for access via PC / Mac ??

Thanks guys