Buying EX2 for P2P & DLNA

As EX2 owners I would like to know your opinion. The main propose of buying the EX2 is for P2P (legal content :wink: ) and DLNA, to see on a Samsung TV. I Have a 150mbit/s internet connection and wanted to know if this device could get me good speeds in P2P downloading, will be happy with ±100 to 70mbit/s (±10 to 7MB/s).

This device has an P2P feature is it easy good? or do you kneed to use for example Transmission?
Can any one share some info on the performance? What connection each has an the average download speed?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I have used P2P and transmission, both work great, however I prefer transmission because I can change the destination folder for my downloads and it has a web interface which is really nice. but its a matter of preference. Regarding the transfer speed i do have a 10Mbps internet connection and it goes really nice on that so i doubt you would have issues with the transfer speeds.

By the way this is on my EX4, but i believe both have similar performance.

Hi ArMak,
Thank you for your feedback.

In your post you mention " i do have a 10Mbps internet connection"a 10Mbps gives you a 1MBs download speed is that right?

Yes, that is correct

Thats for your feedback!

Is there anyone else that can give some feedback?

Thank you.

Hola Armak, yo estoy usando P2P porque con transmission descarga bien, pero luego no consigo que comparta los archivos, ¿sabrías explicarme como hacerlo? y con P2P me va bien, pero solo puedo copartir 10 archivos, ¿Se pueden compartir mas? Saludos y gracias por todo