Building my own firmware version

I have been working on my own firmware version, just to include some packages in it.

Let me explain my experience a little bit, because I have seen some inconsistencies from my own 1.07.02 firmware version and the oficial one. I only included one package in the compilation process, no other changes in the official distributale from WD for this firmware version:

  • I think that the device is not running the battery performance improvements added in the recent firmwares. Is there a way to check this point? It is quite important I guess.
  • I have noticed better overall performance improvement: faster ftp, and other services, …
  • Dashboard shows more info in the wireless setup section:
    a) I can manage stored wifi connections (delete them, modfied it, change password, … With the official 1.07.02 firmware I don’t have these options),
    b) I see in the wifi networks some conection properties: WPS, password encription, … I don’t see this info with the offical firmware.

Any clue about this behaviour is appreciated.

Thank you!


Have you checked the release notes for that firmware? Perhaps that can point you on the right direction.

Yes, I am using the distributable for the 1.07.x firmware, and it is supposed to include the battery charging advanced management profile. But, how can I check for sure that it is included?

Before I upgraded with my firmware version, the MPW battery was discharged frequently when it was used connected to a power source. Now, it is really hot, and it’s all the time 100% charged.