Where did firmware 1.06.06 go?

I updated to 1.06 awhile ago and it’s what is loaded into mypassport wireless, but it’s not in the download site any more. The highest firmware is 1.05. Was there a problem with 1.06? It seems to work fine with mine.

Really? 1.06? Never saw that version, but you’re running it now??

Well, google also knows about 1.06.06. So, I don’t know!

V1.06.06 is the latest version. It works fine and it is on my MPW, be sure it is on yours.

That’s the point… The only version available for download is 1.05.01; at least on WD’s website. Not sure what OTA download would offer…

Yes, It’s 1.06.06
Why did WD pull it from their site?

Got the point, and here is the only trusted download link I could find for 1.06.06 until it can be fixed on WD site. I will alert Bill S.

I also have v1.06.06 installed (dated 04-05-2016). I was checking to see if there was an update when I saw that the latest version that WD lists was 1.05.01. Did they pull the 1.06 version? I have been using it without problems.

According to the release notes, these were the resolved issues in 1.06.06:

  • Resolved battery discharging issue when device is connected to AC power with improved timing and added alert message.

  • Resolved issue of SD Card unable to sync windows hidden file.

Bill S told me in a PM he is trying to get an explanation for us.

Now I’m not sure if I should remove it from mine.

Relax, it seems to work fine for us few chatting in this thread, and if it could damage the MPW or data I presume WD would have posted a notice before you ever brought up the subject of it being MIA at the support site.

I prefer official downloads, it’s still available from WD
and the buildroot

Thanks, Pal I actually tried typing this earlier; must have misspelled something. Also I believe Softpedia had the official link, but I gave the mirror link.

Good to know it is still at WD download site.

Still waiting for an answer on 1.06.06.

I wonder if WD pulled 1.06.06 because of this:

When the device is left charging for long periods of time, the battery will discharge down to 80% and will maintain that level of charge. The amount of time for this to happen varies as follows:

Firmware v1.05.01: When the device is left charging and powered on for a 9 hour period of time or longer.

Firmware v1.06.06: When the device is left charging and powered on for a 72 hour period of time or longer.

Maybe WD wants to play it safe and let the battery discharge after only 9 hours rather than 72 hours? Maybe they found that 72 hours was too long and might cause battery bloating/failure?

This is what I was thinking exactly.
There is allot of bloated battery stories on here.
I’d bet that is what WD did, also.

I have invited Bill_S ( the moderator) to join this topic.

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Unfortunately, there is not much I can say about this. For one, I don’t have any details for why the firmware was pulled. But, obviously, if we pulled it, then we had our reasons for doing so. I was told, though, that it won’t hurt your data to have it on the device.

Bill, Does WD advise those of us who have installed v1.06.06 to downgrade to v1.05.01?

WD did release v1.06.06, so I think those of us who installed it should get an official WD answer.

All that I can say is that version 1.05.01 is the latest available release, and we encourage all users to use the latest available release.

OK. Thanks!

I rolled mine back to v1.05.01 just to play it safe.