Boot issues after Acronis Disk Clone

I just went through a warranty hard drive replacement and used the Acronis True Image WD Edition to clone the defective drive. My system has two hard drives as follows:

HD1: Operating system drive, Seagate, ~ 300Gb, one partition, C:

HD2: Data drive, Western Digital, ~ 1.5 Tb, two partitions, D: and E:

I ran the Clone Disk utility in Acronis True Image WD Edition on my data drive (HD2) and installed the (new/replacement) cloned data drive (with two partitions). The replacement drive works fine, however, now my machine will not boot up to the C: drive (HD1) unless I manually select it during the boot process. During the boot process, after the BIOS check, the machine just shows a blinking cursor, and nothing else. I can manually select to boot to my C: drive and everything works fine, but, the system should be able to boot up automatically.

It’s acting like the computer wants to boot from HD2, which should not have any boot information, I just use is to store all my data, no operating system is on it.  If there’s a boot mbr on HD2 can I remove it without loosing all my data?

My BIOS only allows me to prioritize boot order by:

Hard drive



I can not prioritize which hard drive the BIOS will boot from.

I thought I glimpsed a screen with “Acronis Boot Loader”, but, can’t swear that is true.  The screen has not shown up again.

What do I need to do to allow my computer to boot normally?

Acronis has indicated that they do not provide support for this software and I will have to get support from Western Digital.

I look forward to any constructive response.

This is not a problem  with acronis…

The drive has been successfully cloned end of the story

Will need to determine why it’s trying to boot from the second drive

AFAIK  you can not remove the mbr without loosing the data

It will be better to post on the Internal Drive’s forum for other people to jump in

Since the cloned drive has a boot record and the old drive did NOT have a boot record, I’d say that the cloning operation did not complete successfully.

Does Acronis have a boot loader program?  If so, can I utilize it to prioritize which drive to boot from?