Cloning problem with Acronis WD edition

I am having the exact problem as a 28 Nov 2010 post of the same subject! I am using the Acronis True Image WD Edition to try to clone my current 600 GB HP system hard drive to a new 2TB Green Caviar HD. The drive fully formats. When I use the 'Clone Disk" wizard, all goes well till I get these messages: First it says: “The destination dynamic hard drive you have chosen contains some dynamic volumes that could contain useful data. Click OK to confirm deleting of all volumes on the hard drive.” Clicking on OK returns: “Failed to move selected data. Make sure that your new hard drive is not smaller then your old on and your partitions do no contain errors. You can check for errors and correct them using a special utility.” Keeps happening. My Hp computer is about 3 years old, HP Media Center PC Model m8000n, with a 32 bit Vista OS, 2GB ram, 600 GB hard drive. I have done as the one reply to the 28 Nov 2010 post suggested, but with no change in results. Any assistance would be appreciated. This is very frustrating!

Are you ment to be cloning as a Dynamic Disk ?, I found I had to change to Logical Disk for some reason.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I am not certain if I know how to change from a dynamic disk to a logical disk!

Both drives are listed as - SIMPLE, BASIC, NTFS volumes - with healthy primary partitions.

The “OLD”/current boot drive has two primary patritions - a system partition (I have a VISTA Home Premium 32-bit system) and a recovery partition (HP). The NEW 2TB WD Cavier Green Disk has a single, formated partition on it. 

With Acronis True Image WD Edition, I can backup the OLD drive, then rerstore it to the NEW drive and the NEW drive works identical as the OLD drive, BUT I am given no option to resized the NEW disk partitions as suggested I could do with the CLONE function of Acronis True Image WD Edition - I get system and recovery partitions of exact size as OLD disk in addition to a large unallotted area which is easily formated into a third primary “DATA” partition. CLONE continually give the above error messages - “too small?” or “may have errors that I can correct with a special utility”.

Obviouly the NEW 2 TB is not smaller the the OLD 600 GB drive! And I do have access to a 2nd, identical 2 TB Cavier Green drive - and it also will give the same errors. And also what “SPECIAL UTILITY” ???

I greattly appreciate your help. Thanks once again.


Umm, ok well I didn’t use the WD Edition, I used the one the general public download, I used the Demo version. I had the options to change from dynamic to logical. It was also the latest version. Maybe check if there is an upgrade for the WD edition as well.