Acronis True Image WD Edition issue

I found the WD edition very self explanitory, and appreciate it’s availibility to WD customers.

Here’s my situation, using the Clone option:

Old HD = WD3200AAKS (320 GB)

New HD = WD1002FAEX (1 TB)

Operating system = Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

The clone proccess went fluidly, using the auto settings. Once the clone was finished, and shut down, prior to final booting I removed the old hard drive. After checking BIOS setting and posting, a selection of operating systems apears; both for windows 7. The first choice produces an error (directing to windows\system32\winload.exe) and does not work. The second choice for windows 7 does work, and once booted to desktop, everything appears to work as it should.

I may be wrong, but it seems there is a 0 meg partition on the hard drive (the faulty windows 7 prompt). And the working partition.

How can I get rid of this OS selection to go straight to the working OS password promt?


This is system-specific. Some computers have dedicated BIOS/EFI settings for automatic disk/OS booting without prompting for selection.

Did you try imaging instead of cloning? There are different thoughts on that see post 11 by Grover