Blinking Red Light - Out of Box

I know there is a few post on the blinking Red light, but non that resolves my issue.
I order the WD My Cloud of Amazon, when I unboxed it, I followed the instructions to setup my new device.
After connecting the network and then the power, there is a blinking blue light for a couple of seconds, then it turns into a blinking red light.
The network lights are flashing, but its not connecting to my network.
There is also no disk activity.

I have swapped the power supply as well as the network cables.
I tried different routers and plugging it into a switch.

I have tried 4 and 40 second resets - nothing happens, just keep on blinking red.

What am I missing or doing wrong? Or how can I fix this?

Sounds like the device is faulty: return to vendor.

I thought that much, the only problem is I bought while traveling abroad and only opened it when I got home.
WD in my country says the device is not covered by their warranty so they wont help me and shipping it back to where I bought it will cost as much as a new device.

Thanks anyway for the help.

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Since nothing can be done. Why not try taking the disk out of the case and seeing if it can be connected to a PC. The disk may be good. If you search this forum you will find methonds to connect the disk to a PC anf view the files on the disk.

How was it transported? In an aircraft cargo hold? If so, baggage handling can be very rough on luggage, and, even with parked heads and protective packaging, the HDD may not survive… or maybe one of the cables has come adrift.

Is the PSU input range suited to your local supply? (e.g. is it a 220V PSU and your local supply 110V?). Switching supplies are usually able to cope with 110-240V input, but it’s worth checking.

Before you start dismantling it, though, let’s see if there is any life at all.

If you go to your router’s admin page, can you see the MyCloud as a connected device? If so, can you find its IP address and ping it? Then try connecting to the Dashboard by entering the IP address in a web browser.

I transported it in carry on luggage to keep it safe.

I did check the PSU, and read up about that before I connected anything, that should not be an issue.

The MyCloud does not appear on my router (Asus) admin page, it does pickup that it is a gigabit connection, but other than that it seem as if there is no other communication between the router and the MyCloud.

I did swap the network cable as well as the router with the same result.

I am not sure what else I can do or check to resolve this.

If a 40 second refresh doesn’t fix the issue -or- a return to vendor is not possible and you have tried different network cables then I think your only choice is to do what rac8006 mentioned. You are sure WD can not help you?

Since your Asus router/other routers/switches can not establish a connection then there is no IP to try to communicate to the My Cloud.

That suggests that the network hardware is working.

I think we’ve probably run out of things you can do externally. So, if you are absolutely sure WD won’t honour the warranty (not really sure why it should not be a global warranty), then I’m afraid dismantling and testing the HDD in a PC or USB caddy.

If the disk is working, then it will be worth trying the ‘unbrick’ guides; re-install the firmware by directly writing to the disk.