Black screen, solid LED light, wont respond to anything

Hi, I’ve had the same WD Live for a couple of years working fine but a couple of weeks ago it started getting weird.

First it started turning off during playing, powering down was one solution but then we found that turning off the auto power saving fixed that problem.

Then at Christmas we attached a new external drive (different brand) and it wouldnt recognize the storage device at all. Consequently we moved the movies back onto the old WD external storage and things were aok again.

Now today, all of a sudden it wont boot up, the LED starts flashing, the Tv says is sees the WD Live but then the TV stays black and the LED light stays solid. We have tried everything, even factory reset.

Any ideas?

  1. This forum is for the 2014 WDTV Media Player (i’ve notified a mod to move this post to the WDTV Live Streaming Forum)

  2. You bought a new external HDD ?  and it doesent work with the WDTV ?  care to share the Brand / Model and Capacity info?

may be helpful to other people … when they are making a purchase decision.

  1. Black Picture on your TV but the WDTV LED light is on ?  1st thing i would try is a different Video Cable(HDMI) , or Different Video Input or a Different TV … to eliminate possibilities 

thanks Joey

The new HDD is a Seagate 2TB SRD00F2, the WD Live doesnt recognize it at all.

Well unfortunately I dont have a different TV but will try the cable, it was working and then later same day it wasnt.