Help, please

I bought my new WD Live Streaming 3 days ago and everything was well…until today.
I turned it on as usual, but after showing the initial loading screen it remained black with the white led on. I turned it off and on, off and on…but nothing, even though the power led remained lit without intermittence when on. Eventually I tried to turn off and back on the TV and the dashboard with green grass magically appeared.

Now I wonder…is my WD Live Streaming defective (I hope not) or it didn’t hooked  the TV signal for some reason? What do you say? Should I change it for a new one?! Help me, please…

Looks that your WDTV Live SMP had issues in starting your USB drive, I have had this symptom before, Usually the suspect is your external USB HDD which would have failed to start, By powering off/ON multiple times it could have started.

Check your External USB HDD and see if that has any issues.

Try to reproduce the problem without any USB HDD connected, if it starts quickly and gives you the Mochi GUI you are probably ok and there is no need to fear.


In fact when I turned it on, a 4Gb Sandisk Usb stick was inserted. Maybe it could be the problem. When I come back home, I’l try to turn it on several times without anything inserted. Thank you! :wink:

Well, I turned it on successfully 4 times these days without any usb key inserted.

So, I think the problem was around the usb key.

Thank you!

PS…It’s a really nice player.