Black screen, right from boot


When I came to my WD tonight it was just black, nothing there - checked HDMI, checked\power cycled TV, box etc - nothing.

When I reboot the WD Live it goes through the motions, as in the TV reports that it starts in 720p, then no signal, then 720p again and finally 1080p - all with no image.

I don’t have composite to see if that works and an IP scan of my network doesn’t list the box.

I may have upgraded to the newest firmware, but cannot be 100% sure as I have no way to check now.

Any ideas??

Trying another cable is the next step

sounds like a dead unit or bad cable

try resetting

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Thanks for getting back to me, after locating a TV with composite I could get some more work done, eventually it turned out the HDMI port on the TV has gone - last thing I expected if I’m honest but now I’m back up and running, thanks.