Blank screen on startup

Hello all.

Sorry if this has been asked already but I’m leaving tues for a 10 workl trip and would like to take my box with me.  However just this evening my WD tv box stopped working.  If i unplug it and plug it back in i get the start up screen (th big WD) tha=en nothing.  Just a black screen I can see the box reading the usb stick when i plug it in but noting on the screen.  I can’t get the menues eject screen, nothing.  I bought it a little over a year ago and it has never had an issue until now.

Any idea’s?  Or is it just broken.





Try the composite and component out. Try the box on another TV. If the same occurs, download a new copy of the ROM and flash the box twice. If after flashing twice, you still have the same problem contact WD service.

Thanks for the help guys.  BOx was dead.  Bought a new one that gets netflics.  I’m excited.  :slight_smile: