HDMI No sound No Image @ movies


My WD TV just broke i think. I started a movie and changed the audio in it from ac3 to DTS  4 times in about 5sec then i got a black screen. the movie is still playing whit no sound or image and my reciver says it has 0 speakers connected. If i stop watch and start youtube or music from my hdd everything works fine but if i put on any move it just goes black. Is it broken?

And you’ve powered off and on and you’ve done a reset of the Live (back to default settings) and tried again, right?

Yes i have done everything i can think of. So strange problem because everything works but, as i hit play on a movie any format it just goes black & no sound but i see the statusbar and the movie is running. 

Can’t figure out what’s i wrong.

Try updating the firmware to pre-release 1.02.19, can always revert back. If this does not help return the WD.