BIgger Drives in DL4100

I have 4 x 2TB drives in a RAID 5 configuration, unfortunately my needs has now out grown this capacity, I have read various reports as to if the volume can be expanded with bigger drives, without having to wipe and start again?

In the RAID configuration screen in the dashboard there is an option for adding larger drives to RAID 5, which then goes into detail about changing certain drives in order based on the red light etc.

What is the correct process for replacing drives, is it possible to do an in place upgrade, or do I need to find some temporary storage for during the transfer? If the latter could an off line backup to AWS cloud storage or similar work?

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Do you not feel it prudent to have a backup copy of your data regardless of what you do?

The data on the NAS is low risk in terms if I lose it, it’s more an inconvenience rather than a critical loss, if someone has terabytes of critical data on an at best prosumer device they have bigger problems.

Any important data is backed up to the cloud already

I’ve not done this, but there is an option to expand a RAID5 array. I’m guessing you need to get four driver of a larger capacity and the DL will ask you to swap out each drive in turn. Once the full RAID 5 is rebuild the 4th time after the last drive is put in then I’m assuming the DL will increase the partition size to the full capacity the newly installed drives.

That would be the logical approach to expanding a RAID5 array. Just that the entire process could take a few days to complete.

Grandpa - what value did your post add?
How did you help the end user?

Sure - he should have a backup.
And probably a backup of a backup.

But wouldn’t it be nice to answer the question?
If you don’t know - there is no need for you to post.

I don’t have the answer for you.
I too am looking to do this very same thing.

Once I find the answer, I’ll repost to you.
If you’ve already solved the problem ; please share with the community.

Lord you are wasting my time. The key is t0 have a backup even of it says click here. If you have a backup why are you worried. Juts put the drives in and set it like you want and restore the backup.

Its ok Dood.

People don’t want to come on here and be told:

just wipe what you have
setup new drives
and speed hours/ days restoring from your backup.

They want a tool that will let you put in larger drives and “GROW” the raid volume.
There should be clear FAQ’s on WD’s site to step a user through that.

Take care

The WD product is not a good product. You may be used to something more capable or from a company who cares.

I agree there should be

compared to what is out there at a consumer level (dont want to break the bank, or upset wife) - WDC MyCloud performed best.

I’ve tried LG, Seagate, DROBO

The next class of NAS out there is a bit pricey.
You spend the same price for an empty shell - where you can get a 'loaded" WDC 4-bay

I’m looking to expand the capacity on the DL4100. Was there a process of expanding the 4 drives?