Beware of WD warranty - does not exist

I purchased a 1TB Western Digital Passport hard disk which comes with 2 years warranty. After it failed, gave the same to vendor for replacement. After making me wait for more than 3 weeks, he is giving me credit note for value in which i cannot even get a 500 gb hard disk. Vendor says no drives are available for replacement which is strange because there are new drives available in various stores in Dubai. They are costlier now due to shortages, but are easily available.

My question is = Isnt WD supposed to make drives available to the distributors ? Who is responsible to honour the warranty ? Western Digital or the distributors ? 

A disillutioned user

Shreekant Deshpande


As far as I know, WD itself is risponsible for the warranty. You can even create the replacement order on their site, so either go to this page so you can check the warranty and open an RMA or just call WD directly if you want to talk to their techs.