Turkey's Distributor's attention!


I am joinning the community from Turkey - Istanbul.

I am a consumer of WD products. (9 Harddrives 1 media player bought so far.)

I would like to be informed and answerd by authorities about the issue below:

I purchased 2TB My Essential External HDD and in time it broken down, my guarantee was valid and I gave it to the distributor’s tech dept (Index Group). They gave me new 2 TB My Essential HDD. Everything is fine untill here.

I thought, brand new 2 TB will have 2 years of gurantee (because this products is new, even the serial number is different) but they told me that whatever is left from previous 2TB is left for the new one also. Which means I have 3 monts of gurantee for my brand new 2TB.

This is someting I really not appreciated. WD’s quality and high brand value does not meet with this desicion. I want authorities contact me about this issue and revise the desicion.

Best Regards,

Sina Guran

Note that this would mean that instead of a two year warranty, the total warranty time would be for 3 years and 7 months. For more information about Western Digital warranty policy, click on the following link.


You have the option to purchase an extended the warranty on eligible WD products with less than a 3-year warranty. The maximum warranty period for these products, including any warranty extension, cannot be longer than 3 years from the date of purchase. Extended warranty is currently available for  purchase online.


As I understand from “Warranty” is to protecting the consumer and making the consumer loyal to the brand. I’ve lost 2TB of data from because of this situation.

I understand the time period - 2 year warranty policy. While receiving the new 2TB I asked 2 things: 1) Is it possible to extend the warranty? Replied: No. 2) May I purchase 4TB instead of receiving this product (2TB) and pay the rest? Replied: No. So I am forced to receive 2TB as I told in the first message.

I would like to add: When a product is “repaired” in Turkey, the “repaired part” is under a warranty for a period of time, even if that product has no warranty. In my situation my product has warranty and the product is changed completely without an extended warranty.

I require one of these options for customer loyalty and satisfaction:

  • Warranty extention.


  • I did not open the box, still sealed and not used. I can pay the surplus charges and buy 4TB by refunding the 2TB.

Skeletor, please check your private messages.


Please check your e-mails.

Thank you.