WD20EARS Warranty in Greece

Hello, i’ve bought a Western Digital Caviar Green 2tb from a Greek retailer ( www.getitnow.gr)) on 11/2010.

I am pretty sure that at that time the disk had 3 years warranty as that was your standard policy then.

Contacting the shop for service refused it and inform me that my product had warranty for only 2 years.

Checking on your site for RMA status i see “No Limited Warranty” which from what i understand means that this disk should not be sold separately.

Could you please inform me if there is any chance that there would be a disk in Greece at 11/2010 which would be sold with only 2 years warranty?

Hi can you give us the full model number and also what is the firmware number on the drive.


The warranty lenght could vary depending of your region, I’ll recommend you to contac WD directly they can assist you better.



The exact model number is: WDC WD20EARS-00MVWBO .

I have already made a support case with the same question on Western Digital and waiting for an answer.

Hi my point on the firmware is does it start with like hp?? or what . Did the drive come in a WD box or was it just in a antistatic bag.

Just an antistatic bag.

Hi ok then that is a oem drive. If you can tell me what the firmware is on the drive, it is written on the label on the drive. There are 2 types of oem drives the standard ones have a 2 year warranty. But if it is a branded oem drive one made for asus or hp it has one year warranty from hp or asus not WD.

This is what’s on the label http://db.tt/hxbplYP2 .

There were OEM drives in 2010 that had 2 years warranty? OEM drives can be sold separately?

Hi yes I dont see any firmware listed either. The drive warranty starts from the date of purchase not when it was made and yes the warranty has changed in the last 2 years. Yes oem drives can be bought separately. But ones for hp asus when you run the warranty checker it would say no warranty and most quality shops do not sell branded oem drives. The other ones would give you the warranty. So I guess it is best to let WD sort it for you sorry I could not be of more help.

Thanks for your reply Hammey. I think that warranty cut was done after the flood at Thailand that was done at 2011. I bought mine at 2010. Anyway i’ll wait for the official reply of WD.

Thanks again.