Best Way to Sync Files

I bought the PR2100 for Plex and media files in general, but now wouldn’t mind syncing some files between my Win10 machine and my PR2100. There seems to be a number of ways to do it. I would like some advice/websites that draw out the pros and cons of the ways to do this. Appreciate anyone’s input. Thank you.


Thank you, Myron. I’ll give it a go.

I use FreeFileSync as recommended above but I also use FileZilla for some operations. FreeFileSync is a very good free solutions for file synchronization.

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Will give it a shot. Am trying Goodsync for WD too.

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Great Suggestion for a Sync program, It is very easy to use and does a great job. Thanks for the info.

I’ve always been leery of full bidirectional syncing. It is so easy to mess up both/all locations. I prefer a master backup of everything as one location, and current active locally. If I delete something locally, doesn’t mean it should be deleted everywhere. When sharing with others it exponentially turns into problems. I’ll have to check out how these have improved. #WDUserRewards