Best Method for Audio Playback on Android

I am not able to playback .wav or .mp3 files from within the MyCloud Home Android app, and I haven’t been able to find an app that works as an “open in” alternative for audio.

Any suggestions?

Hello TyWillems19,

My Cloud Home mobile app does not include an embedded mp3 player, so you won’t be able to play mp3 audio files directly from the mobile app.
I would suggest configuring Plex as My Cloud Home supports the Plex media server which can be accessed and used via the Plex Web and Mobile app for Android devices.

WD as a technology company might think about hiring someone that can program something as common as an MP3 player into their app.

The entire system is designed to allow you to access computer files remotely, I mean, no offense, but having the ability to actual view/use the files might be a nice addition…

I don’t really want to go to Plex, a media server managing program, when WD has a native one. Why would I want to use a third party program that is supposed to be doing the same thing?

I’m sorry, but I am just a little disappointed that there isn’t more support for a product like this.

I guess next time I’d rather just build my own NAS and use Plex, seems like you have more options and less restrictions than to spend hundreds of dollars on a cloud system that doesn’t even allow you to open a freaking .mp3.

Well anyway, I hope WD figures it out. I mean, they have support to open a 3rd party app for the files, but why have that if the “Open In” option, doesn’t actually allow you to open another app?

Sigh. Rant over.


The frustrating thing is that the “My Cloud” device does support mp3 files, “My Cloud Home” doesn’t.

A work colleague of mine has the my cloud device and showed me the app on his phone and how it plays mp3 files. He shares his music with his friends who also have the my cloud app on their phones and all stream his music through the my cloud app.
The app does look different to the my cloud home app and there is a section for music which isn’t on my app.

This was one of the reasons I purchased the my cloud home as i thought it would be an upgrade from the my cloud device. I’m still within 14 days so I might return it and get the older model but after spending a lot of hours backing up data to the drive I don’t know if I can be bothered going through that again.

I have iOS phone and tablet and use the non-Home version of MC app with no problems accessing MC NAS. locally or remotely.

On my Android Kindle HD tablets there is no version of MC app for them so I resort to using the Android Media apps Bubble/UPNP or the App called Avia and both play media from my NAS perfectly. I only play media from them locally, not remotely although Bubble may be able to be setup for remote use.

Also, the beta testing of the new MC app addresses some of the many user complaints of the Home mobile app.

I totally agree with TyWillems. It’s ridiculous why a device that is intended for media play doesn’t have an app that allows that. Cloudbeats works for iOS but not for android.

And the other issue is that there never seems to be a manufacturer’s “ANSWER” for each issue. Lots of additional chats by other people but not a clear resolution of a problem. Even if the ANSWER is there is no solution at this time.

I am using both the Android and iPhone and although the iPhone app is slightly more versatile, the WD mycloudhome apk v for Android 6+ is capable of playing mp3, wav, ogg files from the app. This may not had been true back in July 2019, but it is possible in Feb 2021. Browse the folder in the app and click away at the music files. It is true that the option to open the file in another app is limited or unavailable and the option to download mp3 is not available, but playing the music files is certainly functional.

With the Android app, the file manager doesn’t even have the option to ‘copy’ a folder from the MCH to your phone?!

I want to be able to use an app like media monkey or windows media player to build a playlist and play. Not have to play a whole folder when I want to play music across several genre or types. Seems that WD is severely lacking in the ability (or the willingness) to offer such a capability.

Have a great day and always remember! Hakuna matata!


This thread was originally about the playback of wav or mp3 files from within the MyCloud Home Android app. If a playlist is required, the playlist functionality is available by installing the Plex server on the My Cloud Home (MCH) and run the Plex app on Android or iOS. If that seems like too much trouble, just simulate a playlist by copying all the music files in the playlist into a single folder and play that folder.

Thanks. Not being computer literate, I’ll see if I can figure it out.

More convinced I should have bought something not WD. More trouble than it’s worth.

The worst part about it is there is an Apple app that does it just fine called Evermore… However it’s 9.99 but better than my Plex app that starts and stops for some reason. It was connecting fine on Plex with my iPhone and sometimes the Android phone. Got an update for Plex and it stopped on both phones…smh sp I googled and found Evermore, but it’s only IOS. So I’m down to the 1 phone. Is what it is.