How to play an mp3 file

MyCloud Home Question. My new MyCloud Home storage has been installed and appears to be working. I can see the folders and files that I created and copied over. From my mobile device and using the MyCloud app I see the mp3 files I want to play. When I click on the file it brings up “Open in”, then says: “preparing to import”, then gives some choices. What’s going on? Do I need to import the file? Seems like it should simply play the mp3 file. I don’t want a bunch of stuff on the mobile device…it would soon run out of space if it physically needed to reside there to be used right? So the question remains…How do you play an mp3 file? Thanks Much!!!

This is the Single Bay My Cloud NAS forum, I think you are best served by asking in the My Cloud Home forum Here

I suggest you read this, New Product - My Cloud™ Home (8/30/17) , there is no mention of music!

Also read the User Manual for the My Cloud Home, nothing about music or how to play it.

Thank you for the pointer…thought I had done that. My apologies to the group.

Thank you for the reply. You’re correct. There are not mentions of it. That’s mostly why I posted here. Guess this was the wrong forum. Sorry!!! But thanks for your input.

The mobile app for our basic MyCloud devices will play audio media files. It appears to play within the app itself, rather than calling an external app. But maybe it requires media codecs built in to the OS to play the media files. What phone are you using? Does it have anything that will play audio files?

Thank you for the reply. It’s an iPhone 7 that plays mp3 files just fine from a regular external hard drive. On that drive I just find the file and click it and it plays.

I moved over to the MyCloud Home forum as suggested earlier…Thanks!