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MyCloud Home Question. My new MyCloud Home storage has been installed and appears to be working. I can see the folders and files that I created and copied over to it. From my mobile device and using the MyCloud app I see the mp3 files I want to play. When I click on the file it brings up “Open in”, then says: “preparing to import”, then gives some choices. What’s going on? Do I need to import the file? Seems like it should simply play the mp3 file. I don’t want a bunch of stuff on the mobile device…it would soon run out of space if it physically needed to reside there to be used right? So the question remains…How do you play an mp3 file?

My thinking was that since this device is a place to store and organize all your files, then it should be able to stream from there as well. I thought I read that somewhere. But right now I cannot find that reference. I’m also new to NAS and I’ve never used the cloud.

Many thanks for all replies!!!

If you are new to all this, you need the complete user manual for your model My Cloud Home. You can get it from WD Support at the main WD website. If you have your MCH configured correctly, listening to mp3 files comes under the “no brainer” category and you should be able to figure it out with the complete instructions.

No Brainer…that’s what I thought as well. I created a folder and put a few mp3’s in it that play fine using a regular external hard drive. But when I try to play them using the MCH, it does as explained earlier.

I have the manual. Things seem to be set up correctly. I’m wondering if it needs some additional app set up like iTunes or other. But it plays fine w/o iTunes off the external hard drive. I just can’t see what’s missing.

Thanks for your reply!

You need the My Cloud Home app for a mobile device, or you can use Plex.

Yup…already had the MyCloud Home app. That’s where the files show up and where I try to play them from.

If you think you have it all set up right, it may be time to contact WD Support for help.

Thanks for all replies to date. Here’s what I’ve been able to figure out at this point. It appears that the MyCloud Home App doesn’t work based on the following:

  1. From my computer I mapped a drive to \MyCloud-(“my device”)\public. Where “my device” is what came via the Map a Drive function of File Explorer in Windows 10.
  2. Created a directory on the mapped drive and moved some mp3 files there.
  3. They played from my computer.
  4. These files are not visible using the MyCloud Home App on my iPhone 7. And they are not visible using the MyCloud Home web browser app on my computer.
  5. Used another app called FileBrowser on my iPhone 7 to map a drive to \myCloud-(“my device”\public
  6. Logged into the mapped drive to access the files from my iPhone 7.
  7. The files played just fine.
    Conclusion so far: The app supplied by WD MyCloud Home does not work. Either that or I am doing something incorrect trying to use it. (which could definitely be possible)

The following KBA apply here

Dude. I read in another thread (search the forum, because I don’t remember which one is) that the public folder is not accessible in the mobile/desktop and web apps. You should use the user share to put your music, than everything should be visible in all apps. This device doesn’t have a TRUE PUBLIC share.

Try using the user share.

Thanks for this. It appears that the problem could be how I created the mp3 files - ripped using Windows Media Player. So I imported the cd using iTunes, then tried to get it to the MCH NAS. But to do that apparently requires the WD MCH Desktop app. But that appears to be deprecated to the MCH web app, which is what was using all along. But doesn’t seem to allow me to copy/import/export (whatever the correct term is for copying to NAS from my computer) because right clicking doesn’t bring up the “sync to MyCloud” option.

After many hours and several days of trying to get this to work, I’m unfortunately going to have to say good bye to this device. Too many rabbit trails to follow to do something simple.

Thanks all anyway.

And I found that when you put some files in public share folder, they can’t be accessed by plex to play on TV!!! ■■■■!!!

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On my Android Samsung Note 8 .mp3 is not streaming.
It suggest “download”? Pretty cynical for a cloud and streaming service.
I read that WD has problems.
Come on. This are basic services.
I bought a 6 TB for my Family (as a planned replacement from other cloud services, like Dropbox),
but now I consider the service as a very simple limited and only storage service for backup.
I know how good is PLEX on my laptop, but what is offered in My Home as a server is so limited that it become useless for my needs.
E.g. I couldnt manage to assign folders!

To have a “true” and satisfying service I’m going now to use pCloud in addition.
I suggest WD to study their solution, and you know what I mean regarding streaming services, etc and wait until WD provides a mature software solution.

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I had the same problem and I too am going to have to ditch the MCH. I bought it after reading reviews online and it seemed to be just what I wanted - I wanted all my music (FLAC) on a music server that I could access and play using an app, anywhere. I spent more than 24 hours copying the music, I downloaded the app but each time I tried to play something I got the same message as you. I want to stream a whole album on an app but no matter what I tried it wouldn’t work.

Reading posts on other websites it would seem people are being misled about MCH and that actually music streaming can be done through MC or MCE or MCP but not MCH! I can’t send it back because I threw part of the packaging away so sadly I’m stuck with something I really don’t need.


just try to install free app called Evermusic. This app streams your music from WD My Cloud Home to iPhone easily. There is instruction.

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I have the same problem … could the hard drive be removed in some way? I can’t return it either.

To play MP3 files, my option is to use iTunes Audio Converter PC/Mac to remove DRM from iTunes and convert audios to MP3, AVI, etc to play offline on any devices freely.