My cloud home music files - new user

Hi everyone

I have just bought a My Cloud Home because we have a music server at home which we wanted to duplicate so we can access it when we are away from home. The My Cloud Home seemed to offer that facility.
I got the unit on Tuesday and been trying to figure things out ever since.

I have copied all the music (FLAC format) onto my cloud but I only have an IPhone or IPad to play the music. Apple doesn’t allow me to play the music directly and the only way so far that I’ve been able to play the music on My Cloud is by exporting to VLC app first. This makes the streaming less seamless and doesn’t allow me to play a whole album.

With the music server we use Squeezepad which works like a dream. Does anybody know if there is anything similar I can use to play the FLAC files on My a cloud using my IPad or iPhone? I want to be able to play a whole album of Flac.

Any suggestions please?

Many thanks

@CJCollins Use the below link for information in the Knowledge Base about playing music on a My Cloud Home.

I have read this article but it doesn’t solve my problem. I bought the drive to use as a music server. If I use a third party app I have to export one file at a time which takes forever. I want to play whole albums in Flac format using an iPhone or iPad to control it. If this isn’t possible then I’ve bought the wrong item

The article does tell you what the My Cloud Home will do, not what you wished it would do.

You can check the My Cloud Home ideas and if what you want it to do has not been suggested then make the suggestion.

You can search for a WD My Cloud, I have two. A My Cloud should do what you want. See example image below and the link for the User Manual.


That’s your problem.
My Cloud Home is not a music server.
Best thing you can do here is to Enable Plex and Turn on Plex DLNA Media Server in the Plex configuration dashboard