Belkin Surf & Share Wireless USB Adapter F7D2101 & WDTV

Hey, just signed up today so I could grab some assistance, I purchased a F7D2101 USB modem ( official page here) as it was on the support list as of frimware 2.04.13, I have upgrade my firmware on the WDTV to 1.04.22 but the wireless connection doesn’t seem to be connected to the WDTV, the light doesn’t even come on, on the USB modem but when it’s plugged into the PC it does  - it’s v1 on the box and on the modem itself which I made sure before purchasing.

If anyone knows a solution please post :slight_smile:

You could try resetting the WDTV. Press the side button for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up. The unit reboot . Now try the WiFi setup in the network menu.

Also try both USB ports.

Thanks for your help, I updated to the newest firmware again today, plugged in the USB both in the back and on the side of the WDTV, neither worked (didn’t even light up), did a hard reset and the USB modem still doesn’t light up which **bleep**.

What is the firmware revision in your USB Wireless adapter?

I’m having the exact same issue

I just got the WD TV Plus and the Belkin F7D1101 v1.0.  I am having the same issue.  Please help. 

I’ve had some success but not working great.  I had to first of all make sure my firmware was upgraded using a wired connection.  Once the firmware was upgraded then I got the screen that allowed me to choose wired vs. wireless connection.  Choosing wireless and automatic configuration didn’t work at all so I had to manually enter my IP address.  I gave it an address that didn’t seem to be in use, set the subnet to, and my Gateway and DNS to the IP address of my router.

This kind of worked off an on. Often my connection would drop, I couldn’t watch anything through netflix and had to cancel my account.  I tried resetting my device, removing the power adapter a few times - eventually I got another firmware update and after several failed attempts the firmware did eventually download and update.  Since then my wireless seems to be working much better.

I could be wrong but it seemed like I had more problems when my laptop was powered on and connected wirelessly even though I know there was no IP conflict.  That might have just been my imagination, and I’ll try again tonight - but I’ve been succesful in watching youtube videos, listening to pandora, etc.